My grandfather, Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif

//My grandfather, Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif

My grandfather, Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif


This is a tribute to my grandfather, Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif.

His journey of hard work and undying efforts, of aspiring values and principles and of consistent input, it is a journey that initiated with the motivation and concentrated efforts of a man with a vision, a man with the strongest resolve.

Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif was born in a well-respected landlord family on 22 March 1930. A few months before Pakistan came into existence, he was about seventeen years old; he practically joined the Muslim League and began to appear prominently in the ranks of the youth in the struggle for their homeland. Mian Sahib was elected the chairman of Baghbanpura in 1960 – 1970 and remained a pioneer for the welfare of the people of the area till the day he died. In 1960, he was also elected chairman of Shalimar Town. When all the members of the Union Committee were in despair to hear that we belong to an unfortunate area for the welfare of which the government or the Lahore Municipal Corporation has never paid a penny in the past. Therefore, Mian Riaz Ahmad Kashif proved by working day and night for the people of this area that he is one of the foremost founding fathers of the city of Lahore. Shalimar Town where thefts and robberies were common due to backwardness had become the center of all the areas around it in a few years by the grace of Allah Almighty and the undying efforts of Mian Riaz.

He brought into existence the Government Degree College for boys, Government Degree College for Girls, Junior Model School and several primary schools as education was always his first priority. He also made free dispensaries, maternal and child centers; new water works systems, industrial schools, fire brigade stations, post offices, Sui Gas connections were all created to change the way of living of the people of that area. He also constructed many streets and roads such as the famous Riaz Ahmed Road, Taj ud Din Road, Humayun Street, Haroon Street, Suleman Street, Lucky Street, Zamir Street, Manzoor Street and many others in Shalimar Town, and Wagha Town. All these completed projects were due to the efforts of Mian Riaz Ahmed Kashif. Even today in 2020, no elected member or even ministers have ever done the work Mian Riaz Ahmed Kashif did in these areas. He worked year after year to end these public problems and he did.

Mian Riaz Ahmed Kashif had the opportunity to serve in many prominent positions. He was twice elected as the Chairman of the Lahore Municipal Corporation. He was also privileged to hold important positions such as Trustee of Lahore Improvement Trust currently known as LDA. He was also the Chairman of the Corporation Works Committee; Executive Member of Lahore Divisional Boys Scouts Association. He also served as the Divisional Warden of the Lahore Civil Defense. He was also the executive member of Pakistan’s Postal Advisory Committee.

He was the Founder and President of the Shalimar Garden Eid Committee till the day he died. The Eid Namaz started by Mian Riaz Ahmed will be continued till the day of Judgement Insha’Allah. People were and are still permitted to enter without any ticket for the Eid namaz for which Mian Riaz Ahmed Kashif got special approvals from the President of Pakistan, Field Marshal General Ayub Khan.

Apart from all his political and professional achievements, he was an extraordinary husband, father, and grandfather. He had a heart of gold and was ready to help anyone in need. He loved selflessly and lit up the room wherever he went. He is and will always be a source of immense pride for his family and the people of his area.

Love you Daddy Jaan, miss you everyday. Gone but never forgotten.

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